Clair Mesick

Clair Mesick


B.A., Religious Studies (honors), University of Chicago, 2009

M.T.S., Biblical Studies, University of Notre Dame, 2013

Area of Study

Christianity and Judaism in Antiquity




Paul and the Corinthian Correspondence

Fields of Interest:

Pauline Literature

John Chrysostom

Early Christian Ethics

Emotions in the Ancient World

Ancient Christian “Magic”


Teaching Competencies:

New Testament
Hebrew Bible
History of Scriptural Interpretation
Social History of Early Christianity
Second Temple Judaism
Biblical and Early Christian Ethics (wealth/poverty, sexual/family ethics, slavery)

Teaching Experience:


Elementary New Testament Greek I & II (Bethel College)

Foundations of Theology 


“Paul and the ‘Interlopers’: Apostleship and Antagonism in the Corinthian Correspondence”

Director: John T. Fitzgerald

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