Christopher Mooney

Christopher Mooney


B.A., Georgetown University, 2013

M.A.R., Yale Divinity School, 2016

Area of Study

History of Christianity



Augustine and Augustinian Theology

Fields of Interest:

The Theology of Augustine of Hippo

Medieval Reception of Augustine

Theology of Faith, Grace and Justification

Patristic Soteriology

Patristic Trinitarian Theology

History of Exegesis

Teaching Competencies:

History of Christianity (Early and Medieval)

Augustine of Hippo

Patristic Exegesis

Theology of Faith and Grace

The Catholic Faith

Teaching Experience:

Foundations of Theology: Biblical and Historical (Fall 2020)



"iustitia fidei: The Development of Augustine's Account of Justification by Faith."

Director: John Cavadini