Chontel Syfox

Chontel Syfox


MTheol, First Class Honours, University of St Andrews, 2011
MTS, Emory University, 2013

Area of Study

Christianity and Judaism in Antiquity




Hebrew Bible/Second Temple Judaism


Fields of Interest:


Pentateuch, Early Jewish Interpretation, Reception History, Rewritten Scripture, Feminist Biblical Hermeneutics


Teaching Competencies:


The Book of Genesis and its Interpretations

Texts of Terror

Introduction to the Hebrew Bible

Introduction to the New Testament


Teaching Experience:


Foundations of Theology (Fall 2017)
Foundations of Theology (Spring 2019)


Rewriting and (Re)Negotiating Gender: A Study of the Depictions of the Matriarchs in the Book of Jubilees in Relation to Depictions of Heroines in the Greek Novel and Jewish Novella.”
Director: James VanderKam

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