Breanna J. Nickel

Breanna J. Nickel


B.A., Bible/Religion/Philosophy and Peace/Justice/Conflict Studies, summa cum laude, Goshen College, 2010

M.A.R., History of Christianity, Yale Divinity School, 2013

Area of Study

History of Christianity




Theology of Balthasar Hubmaier


Fields of Interest:


Anabaptist/Mennonite Theology
Late medieval scholastic theology, and its reception in the Reformation
Theologies of pacifism and martyrdom


Teaching Competencies:


Reformation theology (magisterial and Anabaptist)Medieval theology (scholastic and monastic)
Islam (primarily Sufism)
Hinduism (primarily bhakti)


Teaching Experience:


Foundations of Theology: Biblical/Historical


"Balthasar Hubmaier’s Doctrine of the Will"

Dissertation Director: Dr. Randall Zachman