Ashley Edewaard

Ashley Edewaard


B.A., English, Covenant College, 2008
M.A., Biblical Exegesis, Wheaton College Graduate School, 2010
M.T.S., Biblical Studies, University of Notre Dame, 2012 

Area of Study

Christianity and Judaism in Antiquity



Clement of Alexandria's Paedagogus 

Fields of Interest:

Ancient Christian Asceticism
The Roman Stoics
Ancient Medical Theory

Teaching Competencies:

Foundational OT Course
Foundational NT Course
Introduction to Early Christianity
Ancient Medicine
Ancient Greek

Teaching Experience:

Foundations of Theology

Honors and Awards:

Fulbright U.S. Student Study/Research Award, Germany


"Food as Medicine of Body and Soul: The Dietary Prescriptions of Clement of Alexandria in the Paedagogus"
Directors: Blake Leyerle and Candida Moss

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