Theology Student Participates in HHS Mandate Panel Discussion

Author: Emily Hammock

A panel discussion, titled “After the Mandate: The Consequences of Compliance,” was held April 15 in the Carey Auditorium of the University of Notre Dame’s Hesburgh Library.

Panelists included Notre Dame Theology Major Erin Stoyell-Mulholland. Erin spoke as a student representative and discussed the message that the HHS mandate sends to women about their success and their health. She also analyzed the government's view of women versus the Catholic Church's. The panel also included Gerard V. Bradley, professor of law in the Notre Dame Law School; Jessica Keating, director of Notre Dame’s University Life Initiatives; and Jeanette Burdell, of Saint Joseph County Right to Life.

The discussion was sponsored by Notre Dame Right to Life, the Irish Rover and the Center for Ethics and Culture.