Theology Honors Thesis Writers Announced

Author: Emily Hammock

The Theology Department is pleased to recognize 5 students with the classification of "Honors in Theology" as a result of their sucessful completion of a senior thesis recieving a grade of A- or above.The Department of Theology offers an Honors Thesis Program for particularly gifted undergraduate majors who seek a deeper, more sustained experience in the major. The program gives participants the opportunity to research a topic in depth, in close collaboration with a member of the faculty, and to undertake an extended writing project. The experience of writing a thesis can give students a more complete grasp of the nature of the scholarly life. For students seeking an advanced degree, the thesis will send a strong signal of achievement and accomplishment to graduate schools. The students recognized this year with Honors in Theology are:

Patrick Adams

Sandra Laguerta

Kim Lisiak

Kyle Smith

Congratulations to all!