Divine Personhood and Personality: The Florovsky Tantur Symposium at the University of Notre Dame

Location: Eck Visitors Center

Following the tradition of the original Florovsky Symposiums at Princeton University, the Florovsky Tantur Symposiums at Notre Dame seek to honor the legacy of the Orthodox theologian, Fr. Georges Florovsky, by providing a forum wherein adherents of different Christian traditions can explore core theological themes with reference to the Patristic witness of the undivided Church. The topic for this year’s inaugural Florovsky Tantur Symposium at Notre Dame will be "Divine Personhood and Personality".
The core question we will be exploring in this conference is: "How does the Patristic tradition help us conceive of divine personhood and personality, in distinction from the impersonal 'higher power' of postmodern spirituality?

Please visit the conference website here in order to register. Members of the Notre Dame community are welcome to attend without cost but registration is still required for attendance.