Ana Lourdes Suárez Work in Progress Seminar: Women Religious of Argentina and the Accompaniment of the Poor: Stages, Balance, and Perspectives on the Preferential Option for the Poor following Vatican II


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Ana Lourdes Suárez: Work in Progress Seminar

Women religious of Argentina and the accompaniment of the poor: Stages, balance, and perspectives on the preferential option for the poor following Vatican II

Wednesday, Nov., 28, 2018



We kindly ask if you are planning to attend the session, please register in advance by emailing Since active participation and constructive input are highly encouraged, we ask that all attendees please prepare in advance.


The moderator will make every attempt for all participants to share questions and comments. In the event that you are unable to provide your feedback during the session, please consider providing your comments in writing directly to the author, even simply a marked-up copy of the paper. The author will appreciate the time taken in preparation for the session as well as receiving feedback that may lead to continued dialogue beyond the session.