Profiling Religious Experience: Notre Dame Systematic Theology Colloquium


St Colloquium Both Days


Thursday, November 30 | McKenna Conference Center
4:30 PM 
Emmanuel Falque, Keynote Lecture: "Must We Cross the Rubicon? Philosophy and Theology, New Boundaries"
Reception to follow.
Friday, December 1 | Oak Room, South Dining Hall

9-10:30 Medieval

1. David C. Albertson: “Against the Sudden: from Augustine to Nicholas of Cusa”

2. Travis Lacy: “Office and Archetype: The Unity of Nuptial and Hierarchical Ecclesiology in Bernard of Clairvaux's de Consideratione

3. Julieanne Mitchell: “‘My heart lies prostrate to love's mystery’: Encounter with God in Petitionary Prayer in Thomas Aquinas”


11-12:30 Mysticism

1. Bernard McGinn: Annihilation and Apostolicity in Two Female Mystics: Marguerite Porete and Jeanne Guyon

2. Amy McLean: “‘I want to die living’: The Entanglement of Desire and Death in Mechthild of Magdeburg”

3. Chelsea King: A Turn Toward the Crucified One: Edith Stein's Christocentric Phenomenology


1:30-3 Ethics

1. Peter Casarella: The Symbol-Laden Book of Experience: Juan Carlos Scannone, SJ and Emmanuel Levinas

2. Michael Altenburger: Unfriending Derrida: Mysticism, Politics, and Messianism

3. Heather DuBois: Preparing for Virtue: John of the Cross and Political Theology


3:30-5 Phenomenology

1. John Betz: “Catholic Metaphysics and Modern Phenomenology: Erich Przywara on Husserl, Scheler, and Heidegger”

2. Christopher Rios: “Nancian Gestures Towards a Theology of Art”

3. Dylan Belton: “Merleau-Ponty's Turn to Schelling