Snite Fall 2017 Exhibitions Preview


Location: Snite Museum of Art

Faculty and staff are invited to the Snite Museum of Art for a preview of the temporary exhibitions that will be on view next fall. Please come to see a sample of the works of art that will be on view, discuss the scope of the exhibitions with Snite Museum curators, and think through how to teach and program with these works of art with a Snite Museum educator.

The open house format will allow you to view works and have informal conversations at your own pace, but a schedule of brief prepared remarks accompanies exhibition information below. Email Bridget Hoyt, curator of education for academic programs, at with any questions.

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Rembrandt's Religious Prints: The Feddersen Collection at the Snite Museum of Art
4:15 p.m. Brief remarks on the exhibition by Cheryl Snay, Curator of European Art
Featuring over seventy etchings by Rembrandt and some comparative works by his predecessors and contemporaries, this exhibition examines the historical, theological, and artistic impulses that informed the creation of the seventeenth-century master's religious and biblical prints. From Jacob's anguish resulting from the betrayal of his children to the joyous epiphany of the coming of Messiah and the depths of despair at the entombment, Rembrandt plumbs the range of human experience and faith through keen observational skills and a supreme mastery of technique. Read more >

Making Everything Out of Anything: Prints, Photographs, and Sculptures by Willie Cole
4:30 p.m. Brief remarks on the exhibition by Charles Loving, Director of the Snite Museum of Art and curator of the exhibition
This exhibition focuses on a major theme of Willie Cole's work: his extraordinarily creative repurposing of everyday objects such as steam irons, ironing boards, hair dryers, bicycle parts, and women's shoes to create artworks that comment on diverse subjects such as African art, cultural identity, gender, and sexuality.

Dimensions of Power: African Art at the Snite Museum of Art
4:45 p.m. Brief remarks on the reinstallation by Elizabeth Morton, Visiting Curator of African Art
The newly relocated African Art gallery will introduce works of art from Africa as symbols and tools of four spheres of power: political, social, economic, and spiritual. Highlights include many new acquisitions that have never been on public view before