Templeton Colloquia: Afternoon of Christianity: Church and Theology for a Post-Secular Age

Location: 104 McKenna Hall

This colloquium brings together scholars from history, philosophy, political science, sociology, and theology to examine the crisis of modern Western Christianity and how its members can seek the path to a deeper, more credible and mature form of church, theology and spirituality.

The sessions will take place in 104 McKenna Hall and will also be simulcast live on the NDIAS website. We also encourage you to review a pre-circulated paper written by Tomáš Halík.


This colloquium is sponsored by the Notre Dame Institute for Advanced Study, with generous funding from the John Templeton Foundation.

More information here: http://ndias.nd.edu/fellowships/templeton/templeton-colloquia-at-the-ndias/.

Monday, November 16

•9:00 am — Introduction: The Afternoon of Christianity
•10:45 am  — Secularization: Divorce Between Christianity and Religion? (Presenters: William Cavanaugh and Cyril O’Regan)
•2:30 pm — Return of Religion as Threat: Is the Contemporary Political Theology a Sufficient Answer to Religious Fundamentalism and  Extremism? (Presenters: Colby Dickenson, Daniel Philpott, and Anna Bonta Moreland)

Tuesday, November 17
•8:30 am — Return of Religion as Opportunity: “Anatheism” and Post-Modern Philosophy and Theology (Presenters: Jeffrey McDonough, Gerard Powers)
•10:45 am — The Kenotic Church Open for Seekers: The Need for Change in Ecclesiology, Spirituality, and Pastoral Theology and Practice (Presenter: Philip J. Rossi)
•2:30 pm — Conclusions and Closing Discussion