Lecture: "History and Memory in the Prophets," H.G.M. Williamson


Location: 116 DeBartolo Hall

Regius Professor of Hebrew Emeritus H.G.M. Williamson of Oxford University will present on "History and Memory in the Prophets." 

Prof. H.G. M. Williamson is the Regius Professor of Hebrew Emeritus at Oxford University, where he taught from 1992 to 2014. He completed his degrees at Cambridge (Theology Faculty), including one year visiting at the Hebrew University, and then taught Hebrew and Aramaic in the Oriental Studies Faculty there for 17 years.  He was an active participant in archaeological excavations at Lachish and Jezreel and was quite active administratively with the British School of Archaeology in Jerusalem, the PEF, and the Anglo-Israel Archaeological Society, which he chaired for 19 years.  He has served as the Vice-Chair of Governors for the Oxford Centre for Hebrew and Jewish Studies and career honors include a Fellowship of the British Academy and being a Corresponding Fellow of the Göttingen Academy.  Prof. Williamson’s research has focused on the book of Isaiah, as well as the Achaemenid period history and literature, textual criticism and Hebrew language, and the relationship between archaeology and the history of Israel.