Whose Religious Freedom? On Notre Dame's HHS Lawsuit


Location: Eck Hall, room 3130

All members of the Notre Dame community are invited to attend a roundtable discussion about Notre Dame’s "lawsuit":http://opac.nd.edu/assets/69013/hhs_complaint.pdf  against the Department of Health and Human Services entitled, “Whose Religious Freedom? On Notre Dame’s HHS Lawsuit.”  

The featured participants are Fr. William Dailey, CSC, a lecturer in the Law School, and Kathryn Pogin and Benjamin Rossi, both Ph.D. Candidates in the Philosophy Department.  Pogin and Rossi are two of the authors of the petition calling for Notre Dame to drop its lawsuit. The discussion will address the multiple constituencies affected by aspects of the healthcare law and the ways the law and ND’s lawsuit might impinge on the religious freedom of these different groups.  
Any graduate students who are interested in joining the discussants for dinner after the event should email John McCormack at jmccorm2@nd.edu.
This discussion is part of the Mellon-ISLA Interdisciplinary Workshop, “Religious Freedoms, Modern Contexts.”  More information is available at http://blogs.nd.edu/religiousfreedoms/.

Originally published at al.nd.edu.