International Opportunities

Study Abroad

Theology courses are offered through a number of the study abroad programs run by the Office of International Studies at Notre Dame.  A listing of those courses which meet the university requirement for a course in the "Development of Theology" can be found here.  Requests for approval of a new course to meet a university requirement, or to count as a theology elective (THEO 4xxxx), should be made with the Department. Contact Assistant DUS Professor Anthony Pagliarini at

Students should keep in mind that only one of the two university requirements in theology may be taken away from Notre Dame’s campus (whether domestic or abroad). One further course can be taken away from Notre Dame’s campus and counted towards the minor; two further courses can be taken away from Notre Dame’s campus and counted towards the major; four further courses can be taken away from Notre Dame’s campus and counted towards the joint major. 

Poland 2017 PilgrimagePoland: Fall Break 2017


Notre Dame offers many international opportunities for students.  For information about future pilgrimages, please visit Campus Ministry's website.
Highlighted below are past opportunities to study topics of theological interest outside the country.

Poland: Fall Break, 2017

Over Fall Break, 2017, Prof. David Fagerberg took a group of undergraduate students to the University where John Paul II taught for 25 years: Katolicki Uniwersytet Lubelski (KUL) .

No other Church in the Latin Catholic world engages icons the way the Church in Poland does; the icon expresses "the person fully alive, in holiness;" and John Paul II writes about what it means to be fully human. These three themes come together in this course.

The class met several times before leaving in order to read essays on iconography and by John Paul II. Then KUL faculty gave lectures on the Church in Poland during communism, Polish history, theology, and spirituality. Students will meet a former student of Karol Wojtyla, and the Catholic and Orthodox Archbishops. They traveled to famous sites (among them being Wlodawa and Jableczna Monasteries, the state museum at Majdanek, the Wawel castle in Krakow, the State Museum of Auschwitz, the shrine at Czestochowa, and Warsaw). 

Visit the trip blog to learn more and view photos.

The Holy Land: Fall Break 2015

Over Fall Break, Prof. Gary Knoppers accompanied students on a historical and theological journey through the Holy Land. Explorations took two complementary forms. One involved visiting the remarkably different regions, such as Galilee, the Mediterranean coast, the central hill country, the Judean desert, and the Jordan River valley, that collectively constitute the land. The second involved exploring firsthand what archaeologists and historians have discovered about important sites, such as Bethlehem, Beth Shean, Capernaum, Jerusalem (including the City of David, the Old City of Jerusalem, and the Church of the Holy Sepulchre), Masada, Megiddo (biblical Armageddon), Nazareth, and Qumran (site of the Dead Sea Scrolls). Visiting these regions, places, and holy shrines brings to life the land of the Bible, as well as the history of early Judaism and early Christianity. 

Prior to Fall Break (October 18–26, 2015), there was a series of two or three preparatory on-campus meetings in which students were introduced to relevant places in the Holy Land and prepared themselves for the journey overseas. Following the trip, the course concluded with one final meeting in which students offered final reflections, detailing their personal learning and growth from this overseas experience.