2014 Award Recipients

Gertrude Austin Marti Award in Theology

ahn_award_2014_smMarti Award winner Jenna Ahn with Department Chair Matt Ashley

The Gertrude Austin Marti Award in Theology is given to a graduating senior who has given evidence of qualities of personal character and academic achievement in theological studies. This year it goes to Jenna Ahn, with our congratulations. Jenna graduates with a major in Theology and a supplemental major in Pre-Health. 

     Jenna shares of her experience as a Theology major: “Some best moments: singing carols with my theo major friends at the Christmas brunch at the Andersen's, conducting interviews with the international volunteers and Missionaries of Charity in Kolkata for my thesis, the mentorship of Fr. Paul Kollman as I worked on a senior thesis very dear to my heart, and all of the conversations in the classroom centered on internalizing and living the theology that we study.”


The Reverend Joseph H.Cavanaugh Award

abt_award_2014_smCavanaugh Award winner Brittany Abt with Department Chair Matt Ashley



The Cavanaugh Award is given to the senior who has evidenced high qualities of personal character and academic excellence in theological studies. It was established in 1960 in honor of Father Joseph Cavanaugh, C.S.C., former head of the Department of Theology. This year's award goes to Brittany Abt, with our congratulations. Brittany graduates with a double major in Theology and Philosophy, and a supplemental major in Pre-Health. 

     Brittany observed: “I think the best part of being a theology major has been getting to interact with my professors and fellow majors. I remember freshman year in my first Foundations of Theology course that I was absolutely blown away by how enthusiastic the professor was about the subject matter that he was teaching. He was filled with such a love for the subject material that I could not help but be captivated as well. That professor and that class in particular spurred me to pursue the major. Since then, I have continued to have passionate professors, who have not only imparted a great deal of knowledge, but also have helped me to find a balance between the pure sciences I have always studied to prepare for a career in medicine and the science aimed at knowledge of our Lord. In my time as a theology major, I have had the opportunity to be inspired by professors and students alike and feel very blessed to have pursued this course of study at the University of Notre Dame.”