Majors Advisory Council

The Majors Advisory Council is comprised of current Theology majors and minors who have been chosen based on their engagement with the program to serve as an advisory board for faculty and staff regarding the direction of the undergraduate program. MAC members are also great sources of information for current students who may have questions about academic direction, extracurricular activities, and general college life.  If you have questions or suggestions about the major, courses, etc., feel free to contact us at

Members of the 2018-19 Majors Advisory Council are:

Hope Brannon, Class of 2020, Theology Major and Philosophy Minor from Johnson City, Tennessee

Hope Brannon2

"My name is Hope, I am a theology major (and wannabe FTT major in my heart) from Johnson City, Tennessee, living in Lyons Hall. I transferred to Notre Dame after taking two gap years following my freshman year at the College of Charleston—I spent a year working at a barbecue restaurant and visiting convents as I discerned religious life and the next year completing a year of service in Los Angeles. I am also a member of Notre Dame’s premier* (*only) improv team, the Humor Artists, and work for Campus Ministry! Though I transferred with the intent already to study theology, I have been utterly blown away by the care, dedication, and intellectual and spiritual depth of the professors, students, and department. I am so grateful to be studying here at Our Lady’s university and look forward to serving this community further!" “No one ponders God without loving God” —William of St-Thierry

Jarek Jankowski, Class of 2019, Theology Minor from Fremont, California


My name is Jarek Jankowski, and I am a Program of Liberal Studies (Great Books) and Philosophy Major, with a Theology Minor, originally from Fremont, CA. This year, in addition to serving on the MAC, I am also honored to be a co-President of the Theology Club of Notre Dame. During my Foundations course in my Freshman year with Prof. Gary Anderson, my interest in the subject grew substantially, and I decided I needed to study theology in more depth. Another class which was deepened my love for theology was The Bible and Liturgy, which I took in Spring of my Sophomore year, with Drs. Tim O'Malley and David Gura. This class inspired me to look at liturgy in a more intentional light, and to meditate with an eye towards the history of Church teaching and practice every time I pray the Mass or the Liturgy of the Hours. In the future, I hope to explore the relationship between theology and philosophy and the role of the arts, especially sacred music, in liturgical practice and formation. 

Jenna Streich, Class of 2019, Theology and Pre-Health Major from Aurora, Illinois

Jenna Streich Photo Smaller

My name is Jenna Streich, I am from Aurora, IL, and I am a double major in theology and environmental science with a minor in peace studies. On campus, I live in Walsh Hall and am very involved in all things band, as well as Campus Ministry and Camp Kesem. I fell in love with theology as a sophomore in high school, and I am majoring in theology because I am passionate about asking deep, fundamental questions about God, my faith, and the world and using the fruits of my pondering as fuel for my desire to serve others. I love theology because it is, in a way, the study of love. Majoring in theology has given me a framework to not only ponder and seek the Truth, but also discover how to best live my life in love and in accordance with who God is calling me to be. My favorite theology class at Notre Dame thus far was Theology of the Person with Professor Alexis Torrance. I hope to eventually teach either science or theology at the high school level, ideally after teaching in Notre Dame’s ACE program after graduation.

Logan Wishart, Class of 2019,  Theology Major from DeLand, Florida

Logan Wishart

My name is Logan Wishart, I'm from DeLand, Florida, and I'm a Theology Major pursuing a Supplemental German Major and Poverty Studies Minor. I applied to Notre Dame as an intended theology major when I realized my favorite conversations in high school involved apologizing my then recent conversion to the Catholic Faith. I have loved every bit of it and am excited to serve on MAC this year! I am attracted to the academic study of theology because, as something which is at once intellectually challenging and morally and spiritually implicating, it intrinsically involves formation of the whole person. That's why The History of Christian Traditions I & II with Profs. John Cavadini and Cyril O'Regan were two of my favorite classes. I hope someday to earn a PhD in Biomedical Ethics and practice applied moral theology at a Catholic Hospital.




Grace Enright, Class of 2019, Theology and Economics Major and Computing and Digital Technologies Minor

Grace Enright

Hi! My name is Grace and I hail from the South Side of Chicago (SOUTHside!) I am a double major in Theology and Economics with a minor in Computing and Digital Technologies. I did not intend to become a Theology Major at Notre Dame, but I challenge anyone to take Prof. Katie Cavadini’s Foundations Course and not seriously consider it. The dedication of Professor Cavadini and the professors who followed drew me into the Theology coursework. In their classes and through their example, I have encountered a deeper understanding of Truth, Wisdom, and Beauty. By studying Theology, I have grown in my ability to encounter and love the world in a more meaningful and beautiful way. I am honored to be a member of the Theology Major’s Advisory Council!