Matt Kuiper

Rufino Enno Dango
Muhammad Asad: Translating and Interpreting the Qur'an Inter-religiously
Director: Gabriel Reynolds

Alison Fitchett Climenhaga
Reconciling Charisma: Healing, Conflict, and Identity in Catholic Renewalist Movements in Western Uganda
Director: Paul Kollman

Matthew Kuiper
Indian Muslims, Other Religions, and the Modern Globalization of Da'wa: The Tablighi Jama'at and Islamic Research Foundation
Director: Gabriel Reynolds


Lindblom Smaller


Yongho Francis Lee O.F.M.
Bonaventure and Chinul: Christian and Buddhist Models for Integration of the Intellectual and Spiritual Life
Director: Robert M. Gimello

John Lindblom
"Echoing the Classics: Wu Jingxiong's Use of the Chinese Classics in Translating the Gospel of John​​​​​​​"
Director: Robert Gimello

Emery N. Longanga
Interpreting a Christian Classic in an African Context. Pluralism and Inculturation in light of David Tracy and Leonard Santedi.
Co-Directors: David A. Clairmont and John C. Cavadini


Levi Nkwocha
Dialogue of Life Via Hospitality: Toward An Epiphany of the Giftedness of Religious Otherness, in an African Context
Director: Bradley Malkovsky