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2013: Michael Connors, CSC, ed. We Preach Christ Crucified

In June of 2012, 360 people gathered at the University of Notre Dame for a major conference on Catholic preaching. With contributions by a wide variety of theologians and practitioners, We Preach Christ Crucified gathers the fruits of those days spent reflecting on the importance of the preaching ministry. Its release was timely, given the US bishops' promulgation of a new document on preaching, Preaching the Mystery of Faith: The Sunday Homily (January, 2013), and the renewed emphasis on preaching by both Pope Benedict XVI and Pope Francis.
The challenges facing Christian preachers in our time are many and formidable ones. The authors in this collection take a fresh look at the resources at hand, the contemporary context, and the preacher. The result is a refreshing and hopeful reconsideration of an ancient ministry.
We Preach Christ Crucified includes:
Preface by Michael E. Connors, CSC
"We Preach a Living Word" by Archbishop Gustavo Garcia-Siller, MSpS
"Feasting at the Table of the Word: From Dei Verbum to Verbum Domini" by Mary Catherine Hilkert, OP
"New Perspectives on Preaching from Verbum Domini" by Fr. Jeremy Driscoll, OSB
"Preaching from and for the Liturgy: A Practical Guide" by Fr. Jan Michael Joncas
"Preaching and Catechesis: Mending the Rift between Scripture and Doctrine" by John C. Cavadini
"The New Evangelization and the New Media" by Fr. Robert Barron
"The Challenge of Fulfilled in Your Hearing to Interpret Life in the Light of the Word" by Theresa Rickard, OP
"'This Intimate Link'-The Ecumenical Contribution of Fulfilled in Your Hearing" by Craig A. Satterlee
"Unfulfilled in Our Hearing, or, Why Can't Our Newly Ordained Priest Preach?" by Fr. Tom Margevicius
"Preaching Hope in Times of Polarization" by Susan McGurgan
"African American Contributions to Our American Catholic Preaching Challenge" by Maurice J. Nutt, CSsR
"Becoming a Cross-cultural Preacher" by Kenneth G. Davis, OFM Conv
"Preaching Among the Poor" by a Panel of Holy Cross Priests: Fr. Joseph Corpora, CSC; Fr. Bill Wack, CSC; and Fr. Ronald Raab, CSC
"New Directions in the Funeral and Wedding Homily: The Preacher as the Minister of Hospitality of the Kingdom of God" by Guerric DeBona, OSB
"Preaching and Children" by Ann Garrido
"The Challenges Ahead for Catholic Preaching in the Twenty-first Century" by Archbishop Robert J. Carlson
"Afterword: A Living Word of Hope for the Whatever Generation" by Michael E. Connors, CSC
Michael E. Connors, CSC, ThD, is a pastoral theologian and teacher of homiletics on the faculty of the Theology Department at the University of Notre Dame, where he also directs the John S. Marten Program in Homiletics and Liturgics. He is the author of Inculturated Pastoral Planning: The U.S. Hispanic Experience (Gregorian University Press, 2001).
We Preach Christ Crucified is available for purchase through Liturgical Press: