Nd At SunsetMark your calendar for the 2019 Preaching Conference, "Mystic and Mystagogue: Preaching as Spiritual Leadership," to be held June 24-26, 2019.

The Marten Program sponsors preaching conferences in the summers, inviting leaders in the field of homiletics to share their insights with preachers in the field. These are extended moments for busy preachers to come away from their routine to the peace-filled campus at Notre Dame. Revel in the sunset over St. Mary's Lake. Wake up to the calling of birds. Most of all, enjoy the camaraderie of others who are passionate about sharing the Gospel. 

Our next conference will be held June 24-26, 2019. Mark your calendar! Our theme will be "Mystic and Mystagogue: Preaching as Spiritual Leadership." At our 2017 conference on Effectiveness in Catholic Preaching, we talked at length about the purpose of effective preaching - to bring our people into an encounter with the living God. Over and over again,  we all wondered, "How do we do that?" And "what is unique about Catholic preaching that leads our people into that encounter?"

In this conference, we will look to our Catholic spiritual tradition as a source for deepening our preaching - our sacramental way of perceiving the world, our prayer that undergirds the words that we say, and preaching's role in spiritual leadership toward fostering discipleship. Please pray for all those who are currently preparing to offer such a (somewhat humbling) vision!

2019 Conference: "Mystic and Mystagogue: Preaching as Spiritual Leadership"

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