About the Program

Pope Francis Preaching

The John S. Marten Program in Homiletics and Liturgics is the University of Notre Dame's response to the universal plea for preaching renewal. We work to help clergy bring their people into an encounter with the living God. For those who speak, there is no greater satisfaction than when a listener says, "You helped me find God." For those who listen to the Word of God and the words from the pulpit, there is a hunger to experience God stirring within their hearts. All of us, whether in the pulpit or the pew, long to grow closer to the One who made us and sustains us.

So in our preaching, let us go deeper. Preaching matters. Let us learn to both speak and listen with joy and reverence. And "let us renew our confidence in preaching, based on the conviction that it is God who seeks to reach out to others through the preacher, and that he displays his power through human words" (Evangelii Gaudium #136).