Teaching and Professional Development

Preparing to be a Teacher

As junior colleagues, graduate students in the Department of Theology participate fully in the teaching process. This begins as students work as teaching assistants for the faculty in their second and third years, and culminates in their fifth year, when each student is invited to teach two courses as the teacher of record.

There is programming both within the department and in the broader University to equip the student for the work of teaching. Each student participates in teaching workshops within the Department of Theology in his or her fourth year.

These workshops address the specific challenges and rewards of teaching theology. Each student chooses a teaching mentor to advise him or her while teaching in the fifth year, and during that year graduate students who are teaching gather together for colloquia to discuss their teaching.

In addition to this, the University's Kaneb Center for Teaching and Learning provides a variety of resources, including workshops, technical support, and mentoring to faculty and graduate students alike.

Shaping Life Outside the Classroom

The Graduate Theological Society shapes social and intellectual opportunities for students specializing in theology.

The Graduate Student Union represents graduate student concerns to the broader University community, coordinates social events, and provides grants and fellowships. 

Sharing in the Life of the Mind

Finally, graduate students are encouraged to take part in all departmental colloquia where papers or works in progress by faculty members and graduate students are discussed. These colloquia provide an opportunity for faculty and students to familiarize themselves with their colleagues' work.

Visiting scholars also give a wide variety of public lectures.

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If you have questions about our Ph.D. program, please contact Ph.D. and M.T.S. Assistant Cheron Price at 574-631-4254 or cprice@nd.edu.