Since 2005, approximately 50% of MTS alumni have entered doctoral program in theology, religious studies, and related fields. Other alumni have elected to pursue another advanced degree, such as a second master’s degree or a law school degree. A significant number of alumni have accepted teaching positions, usually at high schools. Still others have gone into academic administration, worked for non-profit organizations, accepted positions involving Church service, or entered other fields, such as publishing. 

Of the MTS students who apply for doctoral programs, more than 80% have been accepted into at least one PhD program in recent years, with last year’s acceptance rate being 90%. Approximately 150 MTS alumni have entered doctoral programs in the past 15 years, for an average of about 9.5 students per year. Many of these alumni accepted offers of admission from a doctoral program at Notre Dame. Indeed, since 2005 a total of 80—more than 56%—have elected to remain at Notre Dame for their PhD. Others have entered doctoral programs both in North America and abroad. The institutions at which they have done their doctoral work include Baylor, Boston College, Catholic University of America, Chicago, Dayton, Duke, Fordham, GTU, Harvard, Iowa, Johns Hopkins, Loyola Chicago, Marquette, Northwestern, NYU, Pennsylvania, Princeton Theological Seminary, St. Louis University, Toronto, Vanderbilt, Virginia, and Yale.

Two MTS alumni who are current members of the Department of Theology are Steven Battin (Assistant Professor) and Todd Walatka (Associate Professional Specialist and Assistant Chair for Graduate Studies), both of whom are specialists in Systematic Theology.