Resources for Current Students

Below you will find links to a number of resources that will assist your work in the MTS program.  Students will find information on the MTS Colloquium (including posted documents from recent presentations), description of the MTS examinations, and a list of academic conferences and funding sources to assist students in presenting their work at professional meetings.

Academic Reminders


The colloquia are mandatory. Remember to register for them as a class and to attend regularly.

Language Exams

All M.T.S. students must pass a Graduate Reading exam, normally in either German or French, in order to graduate. Students should successfully complete the exam by the end of the third semester, so that they might focus on the comprehensive exam during their final semester. Students who already know one of these languages upon admission to the program should take the Graduate Reading exam in that language in their first semester, and acquire a second language during their time in the program, in order to pass an exam in that language as well. All students are expected to acquire reading competency in a new language during their time in the M.T.S. program.

Language exams are given in two different places each semester: German/Russian and Theology both do a Graduate Reading Exam for German, and Romance Languages. Graduate Reading Exam for French and Theology. Students may take the language exam in either of the corresponding locations.

The University offers Intensive language courses in German and French, free of tuition, every summer, with exams at the end of the course.

Incomplete Policy

Students will only receive an Incomplete grade with the instructor’s approval. Once given, the Incomplete grade will average as an “F” into the students’ GPA until it is changed upon successful completion of course requirements. If those requirements are not successfully met before the end of the following semester the Incomplete grade will be changed permanently into an F.

T.A. Policy

We do not require any M.T.S. student to work as a teaching assistant since we would like their focus to be on course work and preparation for their future. However, opportunities are available for most M.T.S. students to serve as a paid teaching assistant or research assistant during one semester of the program, ordinarily during the fall semester of the second year.  Students may seek other part-time jobs in a research capacity or in other capacities on or off campus, although a student may not work more than twelve hours/week. We do not arrange employment for our students but there are a number of opportunities for work on campus.

M.T.S. Handbook

All current students should read the MTS Handbook in its entirety.  MTS Student Handbook  Please contact the Director and your area advisor if you have any questions about its policies and procedures. 

Advising Information:

The links below provide detailed coursework guidelines for students studying in each of the subject areas of the MTS program. 

Biblical Studies

History of Christianity

Liturgical Studies

Moral Theology

Systematic Theology


Summer Language Opportunities

For MTS students who may require foreign language study for a project in a current course or one that will be taken in the following semester, opportunities are available on-campus and abroad during the summer. Students are encouraged to apply for a Graduate Student Research Award from the Institute for Scholarship in the Liberal Arts.

Modern Hebrew in Israel 

Center for the Study of Languages and Cultures

ISLA Grant Information


MTS Colloquium - Professional Life

The MTS Colloquium series includes presentations on a variety of topics of professional interest to current students. Popular presentations can be accessed below.

Applying to Doctoral Programs

Publishing in Professional Journals


Participation in Academic Conferences

All students in the MTS Program are encouraged to participate in professional conferences, either by attending the conferences or by presenting papers. Please click for suggestions for the presentation of academic papers.
To assist students in financing their travel to and from academic conferences, internal funding is available for students who are presenting their own original work.  Please see the following websites for more information about how to apply for funding:
The Graduate School:
Graduate Student Union (GSU):   
Additionally, some external funding is available for various graduate student professional development activities.  Some of these are limited to doctoral students in theology:


Residence Life provides detailed information regarding on-campus housing. Off-Campus Connector provides students with information about housing opportunities in the surrounding community.

Student Life

ND Mobile Link provides essential information and services on your mobile device, with an interface optimized for on-the-go access.

Notre Dame Health Services where you will also find information on student health insurance.

The Notre Dame Graduate Student Union provides information on campus events and graduate student life at Notre Dame.

The Graduate Theological Society is the student organization representing the graduate students in the Theology Department at the University of Notre Dame.

The Notre Dame Career Center provides help with graduate students seeking placement in either academic or non-academic fields. Their website includes a link (top right of the page) to "Go Irish", Notre Dame's job bank.

University of Notre Dame Job Board where you will find on-campus job postings.

Theology Department Spiritual Formation Opportunities.


Leave of Absence

For MTS students either requiring a Leave of Absence or who have become new parents and would like to benefit from the Childbirth and Adoption Accommodation Policy, below is a summary of options as laid out by the Graduate School. 
Leave of Absence:
For exceptional reasons and on the recommendation of the program, a student in good  academic standing may request a leave of absence for a maximum of two consecutive semesters. A request for a leave of absence must be made before the semester in which the leave is taken, and all leaves of absence must be approved by the Graduate School. If, for some urgent reason, a student is allowed to leave the University after the beginning of the semester, the withdrawal procedure must be followed. If the student does not return at the end of the leave of absence period, he or she is no longer considered a student at Notre Dame and must apply for readmission if he or she wishes to complete the program. The Academic Code of the Graduate School can be found here.
Childbirth and Adoption Accommodation Policy :
The childbirth and adoption accommodation policy is intended to assist graduate students who are new parents. This accommodation policy addresses a single set of circumstances: new parenthood. It is not a leave of absence; it is an accommodation. Students maintain their standing as students, are provided relief from full-time responsibilities and academic deadlines for up to one semester, and are eligible for financial support.  Programs are encouraged to work out specific arrangements with students, on a case-by-case basis, within the broad framework of this policy. The full policy can be found here.
All full-time students in good academic standing who are primary and full-time caregivers of a newborn child or a child less than 5 years old newly placed in the home are eligible. 
In addition: 
• Students must have completed one semester and have been registered and enrolled for at least another semester prior to the request. 
• Students may make use of the policy up to two times provided that at least one semester of full-time enrollment occurs between requests. 
• Parents who are not the primary and full-time caregiver may apply for a leave of absence but are not eligible for accommodation. 
Eligible students must notify their adviser, Director of Graduate Studies, and the Associate Dean of Students in the Graduate School of their intent to use the accommodation policy at least 60 days prior to the expected date of childbirth or adoption. The Request for Childbirth and Adoption Accommodation form has been placed on the Graduate School website for this purpose. The full policy can be found at here.