MTS Core Coursework

Students in the MTS program take courses in each of the five areas of theological study that structure the Department’s curricular offerings. Below is a listing of the courses offered most frequently by each area and which are therefore considered the core courses of each area’s offerings. In addition, each area offers courses covering many specialized topics reflecting the current research interest of each area’s faculty. A listing of these courses is available by viewing the Department’s course listings for prior semesters.

Regularly Offered Courses by Area:

Biblical Studies

THEO 60105 - Introduction to Old Testament

THEO 60102 - New Testament Introduction

THEO 60168 – Paul and the Early Christian Mission

THEO 60111 – Synoptic Gospels

THEO 60113 – Gospel of John

History of Christianity

THEO 60121 – Early Christianity: An Introduction

THEO 60228 – Patristic Exegesis

THEO 60205 – Introduction to Medieval Theology

THEO 60229 – Thomas Aquinas and the Pursuit of Wisdom

THEO 60236 – Reformation Theology

THEO 60235 – Christianity in Africa

Liturgical Studies

THEO 60402 – Liturgical History

THEO 60407 – Liturgical Theology: Word and Sacrament

THEO 60404 – Eucharist

THEO 60403 – Rites of Christian Initiation

THEO 60425 – Mary, the Saints in Liturgy, Doctrine and Life

THEO 60401 – Sacramental Theology

Moral Theology

THEO 60601 – Foundations of Moral Theology

THEO 60612 - Human Rights and Christian Ethics

THEO 60614 – Catholic Social Teaching

THEO 60622 – Christ Political Theo & Ethics

THEO 60617 – Love and Sex in the Christian Tradition

THEO 60635 – Environmental Ethics

Systematic Theology

THEO 60801 – Fundamentals of Systematic Theology

THEO 60846 – Christology

THEO 60808 – Mystery of God

THEO 60823 – Feminist and Multicultural Theologies

THEO 608489 – Christian Spirituality

THEO 60887 – Faith, Reason, and the Church 

Course Listings and Descriptions by Semester