Hallmarks of the Program

The Benefits of Preparing for Ministry at Notre Dame

  • Enjoy a full tuition scholarship for all admitted students
  • Study with world-class theology faculty
  • Explore a wide array of courses offering theological breadth and depth
  • Engage in three years of supervised field education and theological reflection 
  • Commit to comprehensive human and spiritual formation in community 
  • Grow from leadership development work in a collaborative environment
  • Benefit from our 100% placement rate after graduation 


Full Tuition Scholarships:

All admitted students receive a full tuition scholarship, valued at over $175,000 over their time in the Program. Generous financial aid is also regularly awarded, including living stipends and international travel grants.


World Class Faculty:

Theological and pastoral educators, experts in numerous fields of study, teach and mentor students with dedication and zeal.  Students also benefit from their research and scholarship, which is acclaimed both nationally and globally.



Coursework for MDiv students is available in the following areas, making for comprehensive academic preparation for ministry:  Sacred Scripture, History of Christianity, Liturgical Theology, Moral Theology/Christian Ethics, Systematic Theology, World Religions/World Church, and Pastoral Studies.


Field Education:

The hallmarks of Notre Dame’s three years of Field Education include a diverse array of ministry placements, wise mentoring and supervision from on-site veterans in ministry, and dialogical seminars in theological reflection so as to integrate theological studies with ministerial experiences.


Human and Spiritual Formation:

Holistic Human and Spiritual Formation involves weekly gatherings in community for meals, prayer and insightful presentations.  Other components include spiritual direction, retreats, days of reflection, regular one-on-one meetings to discuss personal formation plans, and more.


Leadership Development:

A collaborative learning environment where seminarians and lay students study, work, and pray together is the foundation for future leadership in the Church. Sessions devoted to leadership development also offer strategies for job search processes, conference presentations, and effective professional practices in ministry.


Placement Rate:

Students who take advantage of the quality and depth of the Program’s academic, pastoral, spiritual, and human formation make possible a consistent job placement rate of 100% and a superior satisfaction rate from alums of the Program. Recent post-graduate placements include rewarding service within multiple ministry sites.



If you have questions about our MDiv Program, please contact the Administrative Coordinator for MDiv Program at 574-631-4256.