Full Tuition Support

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All Catholic lay students in the Master of Divinity Program receive a full tuition scholarship for three years.

This financial assistance, valued at over $175,000 over three years, enables students to immerse themselves in outstanding academic classes, to participate in diverse and collaborative formation communities involving both seminarians and lay students, to work at ministerial internships in the surrounding community, and to take part in the life of one of the world’s great universities.

"Being married and with a child on the way, it's difficult to imagine this program being possible without the financial support offered by the program.  It's an incredible gift to be able to study and prepare for ministry, and the scholarship is a reminder of the gratuitousness of this vocation."
- Ben Wilson, '13

"Without full tuition support, I would not be able to focus nearly as much on my school work, formation, and ministry placement.  It allows me to really enter into and focus on the program without worrying too much about finances."
-Matt Flynn, '14

"The full tuition scholarship really stood out in comparison to other similar MDiv programs around the country. I felt called to earn this degree, but I really was not in a position to take on more student loans. Having tuition as a non-factor gave me the freedom to discern the program's fit for me without worrying about finances. Now, as a part of the MDiv program, I am so grateful to the generous benefactors who aid my study, prayer, and formation as a future minister in the Church. They have made the opportunity of an MDiv a reality for me."
- Dan Allen '10

"Full tuition support was the number one reason I decided to pursue a Master of Divinity degree. As someone transitioning to a new career in ministry, I did not want to take on a large amount of educational debt. Without Notre Dame's tuition scholarships, I would have most likely continued a part-time distance education Master's degree program while ministering in a parish. Being a full time student in a theology department with tremendously accomplished and engaged faculty has elevated my academic interests beyond simply wanting to attain a degree simply as a career qualification."
- Colleen Reiss Vermeulen '13



If you have questions about our MDiv Program, please contact the Administrative Coordinator for MDiv Program at 574-631-4256.