Categories of Ministry Placements

Over the course of three years in the MDiv Program, students engage in ministry placements available to them from among the following categories.  Specific ministry sites are detailed, along with all contact information for ministry supervisors, in a booklet that is published and distributed both in the fall semester and in the spring semester of each academic year.


•  Catechetical Ministries Within a Parish Setting


•  Catholic Press and Media Ministries


•  College Campus Ministries (University of Notre Dame & St. Mary’s College)


•  College Theology Teaching (Holy Cross College)


•  Diocesan High School Campus Ministry


•  Diocesan High School Theology Teaching


•  Diocesan Ministries  (Youth, Young Adult, Hispanic and Multicultural)


•  Hispanic and Multicultural Parish Ministries


•  Hospice and Hospital Chaplaincy


•  Liturgical and Music Ministries Within a Parish Setting


•  Pilgrimage and Service/Immersion Initiatives


•  Residence Hall Ministry, University of Notre Dame


•  Social Justice and Social Service Ministries Within a Parish Setting


•  Social Justice/Social Service/Social Advocacy Ministries