On-line Courses

Spring 2018 

Ecclesiology: THEO 64840 Syllabus
Todd Walatka

This course offers an introduction to Catholic ecclesiology with a particular emphasis on the teachings of the Second Vatican Council. The course centers on a close, careful reading of three of the major constitutions of Vatican II: Sacrosanctum Concilium, Lumen Gentium, and Gaudium et Spes. These texts will be read in light of a) the earlier theological tradition, b) the event of Vatican II, c) other texts at Vatican II, and d) developments in ecclesiology since Vatican II. 
This is a core course.

Roads to God: THEO 64288 Syllabus
John Cavadini & Katie Cavadini

This course covers representative theologies from the 6th century to the 21rst century, from St. Benedict to Dorothy Day. Our reflection on these theologies will be loosely centered around a metaphor that many of the texts use or imply, that of a ‘road’ or the ‘way’ to God. What could be the meaning of this metaphor?—especially since none of the texts we will read believe that God can be located in any particular place. As we attend to this discovery, the course will also allow students to become familiar with major figures and positions within the Christian Tradition, including a sense of the variety of theological genres across the centuries, all while  helping students develop and refine skills in the reading and interpretation of theological texts. Hopefully these goals also allow the course to assist students in their own reflections on the life of faith.
This is an elective course.

Fall 2018 On-line Courses 

Fall 2018 Core Course: Trinity & Christology

Fall 2018 Elective: TBA

Spring 2019 Core Course: Sacraments

Spring 2019 Elective: TBA

Fall 2019 Core Course: Introduction to Moral Theology

Fall 2019 Elective: TBA

Spring 2020 Core Course: Theology of Revelation: Jesus in Scrpture and Tradition

Spring 2020 Elective: TBA

(Elective on-line courses that will "Be Announced" as they are scheduled will include: Vices & Virtues, Catholic Social Teaching, Theology of Creation, Performing Beauty, Christian Spirituality, The Christian Tradition, Early & Medieval, and other topics arising from the expertise of our Faculty...)