Spring 2021

Spring 2021

THEO 64840: Ecclesiology

Professor: T. Walatka
This course offers an introduction to Catholic ecclesiology with a particular emphasis on the teachings of the Second Vatican Council. The course centers on a close, careful reading of three of the major constitutions of Vatican II: Sacrosanctum Concilium, Lumen Gentium, and Gaudium et Spes. These texts will be read in light of a) the earlier theological tradition, b) the event of Vatican II, c) other texts at Vatican II, and d) developments in ecclesiology since Vatican II. This course is intended for MA Theology students, and is taught online. (required)



THEO 64406: Performing Beauty

Professor: T. O'Malley

This course offers an entrée to themes at the intersection of liturgy, theology, and aesthetics. The class will introduce students to major questions in theological aesthetics as they relate to liturgy. To what extent is beauty part of divine revelation, and how does "liturgical beauty" reveal? What role does art, drama, and poetry play in liturgical rites? Is there a beautiful way to participate in the liturgy, and if so, what is it? How does one judge the beauty of a prayer, a rite, a church, a sermon, or a piece of music? The course will examine these questions, not simply through an examination of systematic texts but through historic study of specific incarnations of liturgical beauty. These incarnations of beauty will include rituals, prayer texts, sermons, devotional books, mystagogical treatises, liturgical drama, poetry, hymnody, architecture, as well as painting and iconography. (elective)



THEO 68801: Capstone Preparation Course

Professor: C. Cavadini-01, T. Walatka-02

This course must be taken in the semester before the MA Capstone. In this semester students will read and research in preparation for writing a capstone paper and its oral presentation. (required)