Spring 2022

Spring 2022

THEO: Catholic Sacraments

Professor: D. Fagerberg 
Description: "Lumen Gentium" says that in the Church, "the life of Christ is poured into the believers who, through the sacraments, are united in a hidden and real way to Christ who suffered and was glorified" (7). This course will look at the seven sacraments of the Catholic Church as the means whereby Christians are mystically united to the life of Christ. Although we will use a historical framework to organize our material, the main focus of attention will be on the theological dimensions of each sacrament. This will give us the opportunity both to examine particular questions that conditioned the development of current sacramental theology, and the content of each rite as it exists today. Some attention will be paid to the nature of sacramental symbol in general, but the course's primary focus is on the sacraments as liturgical rites by which Christian life is celebrated. (required)



THEO: Catholic Social Teaching

Professor: M. Pfeil

Description: The primary goal of this course is to familiarize students with the tradition of Catholic social teaching with a view toward developing skills for critical reading and appropriation of these documents. We will examine papal, conciliar, and episcopal texts from Rerum novarum (1891) up to the present time, identifying operative principles, tracing central theological, ethical, and ecclesial concerns, and locating each document in its proper historical context. We will also hold recurring themes in conversation with the broader theoretical framework of Catholic social thought and relevant secondary literature. (elective)



THEO 68801: Capstone Preparation Course

Professor: C. Cavadini-01, T. Walatka-02

Description: This course must be taken in the semester before the MA Capstone. In this semester students will read and research in preparation for writing a capstone paper and its oral presentation. (required)