Application Process

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Two scholarships at the MTS (Master of Theological Studies) level and one at the PhD level are awarded annually. Preference will be given to those candidates who would teach in African theological institutes/ seminaries or religious studies departments or be involved in areas where the expertise they have acquired at Notre Dame would be put to full use in and for the African churches.

 MTS Scholarship Application Requirements

1. A basic degree in theology or religious studies with either a first class honors (summa cum laude) or a second class upper division (magna cum laude) pass.

2. A writing sample. Any of the following could suffice: (a) a thesis written as part of requirements for the previous degree in theology or religious studies. This text would be authenticated by the professor who supervised the project and by the head of the department where the work was done and through which the degree was obtained. (b) A long essay written as part of the requirements in an area of study within theology or religious studies relevant to the area of studies which the candidate intends to pursue at Notre Dame. Where this latter is chosen, the candidate would also be required to provide official authentication from the teacher to whom this essay was presented or from a relevant authority as provided in (a) above. 

3. Official transcripts.

4. Three letters of reference from teachers who are familiar with the work of the candidate.

5. A letter from the ordinary or religious superior of the candidate in question attesting to the fact that this student is in good standing and would return to his/her home country after studies to use the knowledge acquired for service to the Church in an academic setting or any other position of leadership of an academic nature that is relevant to the life of the church.

6. Competitive scores in the Graduate Record Examination (GRE).  The GRE exam may be accessed at

7. Submission of an application to the Graduate School online at

8. A statement of intent indicating what area the candidate is applying to and what research interests the candidate intends to pursue while at Notre Dame


PhD Scholarship Application Requirements

Same conditions as above and the following:

1. A Master’s degree in theology from an institution acceptable to Notre Dame.

2. Additional transcripts showing courses taken at the Master’s degree level.

3. Any journal article which can further show the candidate’s strength. This requirement is optional but could provide a competitive edge to a candidate.


Procedure for application

Candidates are to forward the completed application package containing all the materials pertinent to the degree program to which they are applying to the Graduate School by March 15 yearly.

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