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Students in theology courses complete a wide variety of projects, ranging from creative to analytic, spiritual to academic. Below, browse projects completed by students at all levels of Theology, from freshman in their first Foundations courses to seniors completing honors theses.

Foundations Gospel Projects

Think Foundations of Theology sounds boring? Not in Professor Francesca Murphy's  class! She challenged First Year students to reinterpret the Gospels in their own styles.

The result? See below ... 

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Art Collage Gospel of Luke Stick Figure Gospel of John
collage_page_2_make_thumbnail stick_figure_thumbnail

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(def.): An Annual celebration featuring the continuous reading of all 150 Biblical Psalms. Performed by Sr. Ann Astell's Foundations of Theology students, their friends and colleagues.

During their journey through the Theology program our majors take a 1 credit course, the “Theology Pro-Seminar,” during which they hear guest lectures from theologians study a wide range of topics (such as moral theology, Christianity and Islam, and ancient liturgical manuscripts).  The course is also interactive, as students prepare an E-Portfolio which allows them to present their own theology-related work or experiences and to describe what the Theology major means to them.  Here are some examples of recent Notre Dame Theo E-Portfolios:
Senior Honors Thesis Program

A senior thesis is a rewarding and intellectually stimulating culmination of 4 years of study. Our senior thesis authors tackle challenging topics - everything from evolution to Immaculate Conception and miracles. See some examples, below, or read the full listing of theses from 2004 onward, here. Full text copies are available in the Theology Department Office, 130 Malloy.



Thesis Title

Sandra Laguerta


The Spirituality of the Little Sisters of the Poor

Kimberly Lisiak


On Piety towards St. Joseph and the Charism of the Sisters of St. Joseph

Kyle Smith


Contemporary Thought on Christian Vocations

Dylan Belton


Theological Implications of Evolution in Regards to the Traditional Religious Understanding of Nature as a Great Hierarchy of Being

Katherine Remley


The Influence of the Dogma of the Immaculate Conception on Society's Perception on the Dignity of Each Individual Human Life

Laura Taylor


The Sacramental Theology of Medieval Offertory Chants.

Elizabeth Gormley


On Church Teachings and HIV/AIDS in Africa

Javier Soegaard


Christian Males:  Soldiers for Christ and Spiritual Brides

Dana Christensen


Faith, Belief, and the Existence of God in Popular Culture

Kathleen Fox


Justification for Belief in Miracles

Kelli Barton


Sufism and Christian Mysticism