Research Opportunities and Resources

The Department of Theology recognizes a variable scale of undergraduate research, appropriate to different levels of student knowledge and skill, from that of First-Year students engaged in regular course work to that of students writing senior theses. It seeks to instill in all its students a capacity for wonderment and exploration, in keeping with the basic definition of theology as “faith seeking understanding.”

Theology students have been successful in pursuing their academic interests across the country and the world. There are a variety of resources on campus to assist students in completing their own original research.

If you are interested in developing a Theology-related research project, please contact Allison Collins at for questions or assistance.

How do I find funding for my research?

There are many on-campus organizations that sponsor undergraduate research. Please reach out to them with your proposal:

How do I cite sources in theology papers?

For most theology papers, the Chicago Manual of Style will be most appropriate, but ask your professor to be sure.

The library web site offers links to various style manuals:

Where can I find resources in theology and Catholic studies?

See the list compiled by the Theology Reference Librarian.

In Theology:

In Catholic Studies:

Visit the Internet Christian Library, a guide to Christian resources on the Internet:

How do I find official Church documents?

Visit the Vatican website: