Proposed Revision of Rationale for Theology Requirements

In April of 2015, the Department of Theology had two general faculty meetings to make its own contribution to ongoing discussions that are accompanying the review of the university’s core curriculum.  At these meetings, encouraged by the invitation of the two co-chairs of the Core Curriculum Review Committee, the Department discussed the rationale it would propose for its courses in the university’s core curriculum.  A document was unanimously approved by the Department on April 27 which reflects its own understanding of the rationale and goals behind the courses the Department would offer as part of a revised core curriculum.  This document was sent to the Core Curriculum Review Committee for its deliberations, bringing to a close that stage of consultation.  In the interest of sharing our thinking more broadly and as the basis for further conversation across the university, we are happy with this link to share the “Proposed Revision of Rationale for Theology Requirements.”