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Theology Majors and Minors participate in wide variety of academic and social events from weekly lunches with professors to evening Theology Club discussions, holiday celebrations at faculty homes, and ice cream socials. Events like these help students broaden their study of theology, build relationships with faculty and other students—and have a great time!

Meet Our Majors: Whiteboard Project

A group of Theology students grabbed a camera and a whiteboard and set off to get the real scoop from THEO majors—who they are, what they like, and why they study Theology. The results were just what we'd expect from our majors: diverse, quirky, and heartfelt.  View the full gallery here.



Annie DeMott

Theology Major, Class of 2013
Hometown: Holland, MI

Sebastian Rojas

Theology Major, Class of 2015

Past Theology Majors

This video features three of our former majors. Click play to view the entire video, or scroll below for links to specific segments where students discuss favorite classes, professors, and more!