Meet Our Faculty

gabriel_1Prof. Reynolds teaches classes on the relationship between Christianity and Islam

Theology Department Faculty

Theology students at Notre Dame have the opportunity to study with world-renowned scholars in one of the best departments of theology in the world. Our faculty members are leaders in research on topics from the Dead Sea Scrolls to Catholic Social Teaching to the Theology of the Body. At the same time they are well known as truly outstanding instructors. 

Here's what some recent graduates had to say about our professors:

 “I have been exposed to some of the most brilliant of professors, which include Professors Cavadini, O'Regan, Heintz, and Astell. I am so grateful to be able to learn from some of the most prestigious theological scholars in the world."
—Tanya Watts, '13

“I sincerely loved the theology department and am most grateful for the professors who truly make this department a great department. Their support and encouragement in all my studies and interests, theological or not, was essential to my undergraduate education.”
—Sandra Laguerta, '13

“The faculty and department staff were some of the kindest people I encountered at Notre Dame. The teaching quality of the professors consistently blew me away.”
—Joe Mulholland, '13

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