Theology Club

The Theology Club of Notre Dame

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Our aim is to create an opportunity for students to engage in intellectual and spiritual reflection on God and theological topics so as to grow in faith.

We are trying to make it possible for the theologically-minded student to engage in reflection without having to commit to an added semester-long class.

This group is led from a Catholic perspective, but students need not be of any particular faith tradition to join. Students from all majors and colleges are welcome.

We meet every Wednesday night at 5:30PM in North Dining Hall to eat dinner and discuss a pre-selected topic among ourselves. Discussions do not build on each other, so please come as you are able!

We also host a number of events throughout the course of the academic year, including guided art discussions at the Snite, movie watches, lectures from Theology Department professors, and much more. In addition, we are the sponsors of the all-new Zossima Project, a commission created to write and publish articles on liturgical theology in such publications as the Irish Rover and the Observer.

For more information or to be added to our email list, please contact Reba Luffy at or Matt Gambetta at For event information, check out our Facebook page here.