2013 Award Recipients

Gertrude Austin Marti Award in Theology


cozzi_senior_award_13Marti Award Winner Gabriella Cozzi with Department Chair Matt Ashley

The Gertrude Austin Marti Award in Theology is given to a graduating senior who has given evidence of qualities of personal character and academic achievement in theological studies. This year it goes to Gabriella Cozzi, with our congratulations. Gabriella graduates with a double major in Theology and Science Pre-Professional Studies. She plans to attend medical school in the fall.

     Gabriella shares her experience as a Theology major: "One of the reasons I have had such a positive experience as a theology major is that I have felt that the theology professors really do care about their students, and are passionate about the material, and the students do care about their professors and are motivated to learn the material not only for academic but also for spiritual reasons."




The Reverend Joseph H.Cavanaugh Award


cortens_senior_award_13Cavanaugh Award Winner Cameron Cortens with Department Chair Matt Ashley


The Cavanaugh Award is given to the senior who has evidenced high qualities of personal character and academic excellence in theological studies. It was established in 1960 in honor of Father Joseph Cavanaugh, C.S.C., former head of the Department of Theology. This year's award goes to Cameron Cortens, with our congratulations. Cameron graduates with a double major in Theology and Philosophy. He plans to work for a service organization abroad starting this summer.

     Cameron remarks on a favorite class: "“One particular course I've taken seems to stick out in my mind as a particularly meaningful instance of theology studies impacting and shaping my life in new ways. It was taught by Shawn Colberg, and it was called "Religious Life and Religious Perfection." Its subject matter zoomed in on the first hundred years or so of the Dominican and Franciscan Orders' lives. In it, we were exposed to several theological arguments arising out of medieval literature-- sometimes polemical and sometimes more academic-- claiming that the life prescribed for friars in these orders embodied the highest kind of human perfection. I was especially compelled by the Dominican picture of active love and service arising out of contemplation of divine truth, and these ideas have continued to influence me as I discern how to shape my own life through the commitments I make and the work I do. I think I still have yet to witness the fruit that they will bear throughout my time on this earth."