2007 Award Recipients

Gertrude Austin Marti Award

The Gertrude Austin Marti Award in Theology is given to a graduating senior who has given evidence of qualities of personal character and academic achievement in theological studies. This year it goes to Michael Rossmann, with our congratulations.


Michael, who is a double Theology and Economics major, putting those two in tandem in the work he has done in Africa. He graduates with a 4.0 after going through the Arts & Letters honors program. His interests in Africa received encouragement from our own Paul Kollman, for whom Michael has served as research assistant through the Kellogg Institute. Michael spent the spring term of his second year at Notre Dame in Uganda with the School for International Training. There he carried out research on development efforts carried out by a Catholic parish in rural western Uganda, and served as a teacher of English composition at a secondary school. During that time he learned a considerable amount of Luganda, a very difficult language, and then later, in a summer session, he added a month-long course in Kiswahili at a language school in Tanzania. Not confining himself to the African continent, he has been to six Center for Social Concerns seminars around the U.S. and in Mexico, and did a program in Polish language the summer of 2004. On campus he has served as president of the Africa Faith and Justice Network, a board member of “Voice: the CSC Student Advisory Board”, and has been a teaching assistant for Prof Betson in Economics and Policy Studies. His theology honors thesis was entitled “The Role for Westerners in the Contemporary East African Catholic Church,” directed by Paul Kollman. Next year, he says, after a summer of working on an organic farm, he will be entering the Jesuit novitiate in St. Paul, MN.

Cavanaugh Award

The Cavanaugh Award is given to the senior who has evidenced high qualities of personal character and academic excellence in theological studies. It  was established in 1960 in honor of Father Joseph Cavanaugh, C.S.C., former head of the Department of Theology. This year goes to Kathleen Fox, with our congratulations.

2007kathleenfoxCavanaugh Award Winner Kathleen Fox with Department Chair John Cavadini

 Kathleen, who is in the joint Philosophy and Theology major. To remind you, the joint major is the equivalent of a double major in philosophy & theology, joined at a connecting point by two semesters of classical language, a thesis, and a joint seminar. Kathleen Fox is graduating with a 4.0 within that challenging major, and with a stellar 3.98 overall. Kathleen transferred to Notre Dame from Princeton University after her first year, coming to Notre Dame specifically in order to be able to study theology. She has been an intern in the British Parliament and with the U.S. Attorney's Office, where she worked in the Sex Offense and Domestic Violence Section, meeting with victims and witnesses and assisting in the preparation of cases for trial. Kathleen was chosen to represent the Notre Dame student body in the 2005 Notre Dame Academic Forum on "Understanding Religion and Enacting Faith in a Plural World." She has served as a Resident Assistant in Farley Hall and as president of The Shirt Project in 2004-2005, when it grossed the highest profit in the history of the project, raising over $470,000 for on-campus charities. Kathleen has just completed an honors thesis in theology, titled "Incarnate Wonder: The Significance of the Miraculous in the Catholic Tradition." Her thesis advisor, Jennifer Herdt, praises Kathleen for her capacity for independent work, her remarkable maturity of voice, and her lucid writing. Next year, Kathleen will attend Stanford Law School.