Meet the Director of Undergraduate Studies


Gabriel Said Reynolds is originally from West Hartford, Conn., where he learned to root for the Red Sox. Growing up he rode a dirt bike and thought Michael Jackson was totally awesome.

He went to public schools and then to Columbia where he studied Arabic and Islam. As an undergraduate, he began travelling to the Middle East and succeeded in finding his long-lost, distant cousins in Syria. 

Prof. Reynolds completed his Ph.D. at Yale where he wrote a dissertation on the first Islamic history of Christianity (written by a Muslim theologian named ʿAbd al-Jabbar – not Karim Abdul Jabbar the basketball player), which he later published in translation as The Critique of Christian Origins.

Prof. Reynolds met his wife Lourdes in Beirut, Lebanon, and married her during his last year of graduate school.


They drove out to South Bend (in a Volvo station wagon) in fall 2003 when Reynolds began teaching in the Theology Department of Notre Dame.

Since then they have had four children: Luke, Emmanuel, Theresa, and René. Prof. Reynolds researches the origins of the Qurʾān and Islam as well as Muslim-Christian relations.

At Notre Dame he teaches “Foundations,” “Islam and Christian Theology” (Theo 20830), and “The Qurʾān and Its Relation to the Bible” (Theo 40286).

Professor Reynolds has open office hours for major/minor questions on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4-5pm in 130 Malloy.

Follow Prof. Reynolds on Twitter (@theologyGSR) or email him at