Majors Advisory Council

The Majors Advisory Council is comprised of current Theology majors and minors who have been chosen based on their engagement with the program to serve as an advisory board for faculty and staff regarding the direction of the undergraduate program. MAC members are also great sources of information for current students who may have questions about academic direction, extracurricular activities, and general college life.

Office Hours: 

The MAC offers weekly office hours. Students interested in Theology, whether they have declared the major or not, are welcome to drop in to ask questions regarding the Theology program, courses, and the subject in general.

Fridays, 1-3pm, First Floor Lounge, Malloy Hall (near the elevator)

Members of the 2016-17 Majors Advisory Council are:

Grace Agolia, Class of 2017, Theology Major from Long Island, NY


"I am a senior at the University of Notre Dame from Long Island, NY, and am majoring in theology and minoring in Catholic Social Tradition.  I hope to continue my studies in theology at the graduate level, and my interests include the intersection of liturgy and disability, specifically deafness; Christian mysticism and silence; the monastic and hesychast traditions; effective catechesis and proclamation of the Word of God in the context of the New Evangelization; vocational discernment; Holy Cross spirituality; and issues of human dignity. Some of my favorite theology classes at Notre Dame include Foundations of Theology; The Christian Experience:  Vocation and the Theological Imagination; Introduction to the Old Testament; The Christian Theological Tradition I & II; and Performing Beauty: Liturgy, Theology, and Aesthetics. As a member of the MAC this year, I hope to help expand research opportunities for undergraduate theology majors, facilitate better advising, compile a list of resources for those interested in graduate school, and organize spiritual formation events. If you have any questions, you may contact me at"

Colleen Halpin, Class of 2018, Theology and Mathematics Major from Omaha, Nebraska

Colleen Halpin

"My name is Colleen Halpin and I am a Theology and Math major with an Education, Schooling and Society minor from Omaha, Nebraska. My love for theology began to grow after taking Professor John Betz's course on Christian Spirituality. I particularly loved the writings of the mystics, including Teresa of Avila, Therese of Lisieux, and Elizabeth of the Trinity. For me, the purpose and joy of studying theology is to absorb the truth and beauty expressed in the writings of the saints and other Church leaders, and allow this to transform my understanding of God's nature, the dignity of the human person, the state of the world, and the varied expressions of personal and communal sanctity. Last spring, I was able to take Professor Peter Casarella's Beauty and Justice class, which sparked my interest in theological aesthetics, expressions of popular piety, and God's particular love and concern for the poor. After graduation, I hope to go to graduate school in Education, become a high school math teacher, and continue serving as a liturgical musician." 

Maya Jain, Class of 2017, Theology Major from Peoria, IL


"Hello! I'm Maya Jain, a senior Theology major with minors in Studio Art and Catholic Social Tradition from Peoria, Illinois, a wonderland of cornfields and country roads, but my family of six now resides just outside of Detroit, where the five lanes of rush-hour traffic are a far cry from the pastiche of Central Illinois! I have greatly enjoyed the way that my theological studies have broadened my perspective, brought me closer to following God's will, and given me a lens through which I can view many other academic disciplines. One of the greatest gifts of my Theo major has been the opportunity to take diverse courses about everything from the Christian vocation to liturgical aesthetics to the development of the early Church to the literature of G.K. Chesterton. Beyond graduation I hope to utilize my theological knowledge for the sake of catechesis or social justice, be it through law, education, religious life, or international development. "

Ryan Mas, Class of 2018,  Theology and German Major from West Bend, Wisconsin

Ryan Mas2

"My name is Ryan Mas and I am a junior Theology and German double major. I am originally from West Bend, Wisconsin but I call Carroll Hall my home on campus. I wasn't always a theology major—I came to Notre Dame undecided in my field of study, but after my first Foundations class with Michael Hahn, I knew I was in love with theology. I really enjoyed my class on Christian Spirituality with Prof. John Betz my sophomore year, especially looking at different expressions of spirituality in both Eastern and Western traditions. Prof. Betz boldly stated at the beginning of the course that it would be a 'life-changing' theology class, and he was right—his class inspired both a re-examination of my personal spirituality and a new interest in asceticism, mystics, and systematic theology. In the coming year, I hope to combine my interests in theology and German in some form of theological research in Germany before writing a theology thesis my senior year." 
Nick Munsen, Class of 2017, Theology and Program of Liberal Studies Major


"Though I very much enjoy Theology of all flavors, my specific interests include Gustavo Gutiérrez's Liberation Theology and the obligation of Catholics to the poor, Natural Theology and questions of our role as stewards of creation, and ancient languages / ancient Israelite history - specifically how these subjects help us to understand scripture. My favorite courses include my Theology Seminar taught by Professor Ann Astell, a course with a focus on the Book of Psalms and the Desert Fathers, and Islam and Christianity taught by Prof. Reynolds, wherein many  misconceptions of our brothers and sisters were cleared and I gained a new appreciation for the faith of Islam. Finally, my future goals include attending graduate school (perhaps in Theology!), learning to play the guitar, learning a bunch of languages, and doing my best to live out the Gospel of Love our faith so beautifully expounds."