FAQs About the Major

Frequently Asked Questions About the Major

How do I become a theology major? 
Contact Assistant DUS Anthony Pagliarini or drop in to see Undergraduate Coordinator Allison Collins.
How good is ND’s theology department?
It doesn’t sound too humble to put it this way, but it may be the best in the world. Our department includes some of the most important and influential thinkers in the fields of Moral Theology, Old Testament, New Testament, Theology and Literature, the Dead Sea Scrolls, Philosophical Theology, the Church Fathers, the thought of Pope Benedict, the Reformation, Theology and Music, Theology and Film, and Spirituality.
Will I ever get a job with a theology major?
Yes!!! Our graduates have all the success of other Notre Dame graduates in fields from medicine to journalism to psychology to education—yet our graduates also have something more. Through their exceptional experience in the Theology Department, our graduates have a profound sense of purpose in life. They may take this sense to the professional world, service organizations, the religious life, or future graduate education. In our survey of 2013 theology major graduates, they reported pursing opportunities ranging from medical school and the business world to the Jesuits and volunteer work for the Catholic Worker house. Upon graduation, an overwhelming majority already had plans for full-time employment, graduate studies, and non-profit or church service.
What is an e-portfolio? Why do we use it in theology?
All Notre Dame theology majors will set up an e-portfolio account with Digication during the proseminar (if not earlier). With this e-portfolio, students are able to chronicle their development as a theology student in a way that will be useful for a future job search or grad school application. The Theology Department is able to use e-portfolios to see how well we are helping majors meet their student learning outcomes.
Can I use Theo 3xxxx courses or SSLP’s towards the major?
Only if they are 3 credits and offer an A-F (i.e., not S/U or pass/fail) grade.
Why is theology the queen of the sciences?
Because the universe came from somewhere and there was something before it was. It is that "something" which only theology can bring to light. Humans are not computers and it is not enough to fill our brains with information—humans also have souls which long to be filled with light.
And because, on top of the Golden Dome, the Virgin Mary is stomping on a snake. Only theology can tell you what that is all about.