Past Senior Theses







Patrick Adams

David Fagerberg

"Sacrifice and Meal in the Theology of Pope Benedict XVI"

Sandra Laguerta

Ann Astell

" 'The Poor are Our Lord': Seeing God in the Spirituality of  Saint Jeanne Jugan and the Congregation of the Little Sisters of the Poor"

Kimberly Lisiak

John Cavadini

"Biblical Devotion to St. Joseph, Husband of Mary & Foster-Father of Jesus, Emphasizing Three Contemporary Examples for Practical Application"

Felipe Campos Rezendez

Maxwell Johnsons

"The Anaphora of Addai and Mari"

Kyle Smith

Francesca Murphy

"Hand in Glove: A Cautionary Examination of the Relationship Between the Roman Catholic Church in Ireland and Its Political State"









Dylan Belton

Matthew Ashley

"Teleology Revisited"

Cody Gaffney

Gary Anderson


"The parallel accounts of the Deuteronomistic History (DtrH) and 1-2 Chronicles"

Nicholas Galasso

Maxwell Johnson


“Through Him, with Him, and in Him: Active Participation in the Liturgy of the Roman Rite"

Chelsea King

John Betz

"For I Desire Mercy and Not Sacrifice: the Sacrifice of Christ as Seen in the Works of Thomas Aquinas and Rene Girard"

Ashley Logsdon

Margie Pfeil

"Environmental Science and Conservation: Can I Care for the Environment without Neglecting My Duty to My Neighbor?"

Robert Rauch

John Cavadini


"The Development of Church Authority and Hierarchy"

Katherine Remley

Ann W. Astell

"Lourdes: Embodying the Vision of Evangelium Vitae for a Culture of Life"

Laura Taylor

Margot Fassler


"The Sacramental Theology of Medieval Offertory Chants"

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Holly Bird

Tim Matovina

“Mujeres Sembradoras: Comunidades Eclesiales de Base and Ecclesiology among Latin American Women Theologians.”

Christopher Gattis

Brian Daley, S.J.

"Sergius Bulgakov's Treatment of Augustine's Pneumatology in The Comforter

Elizabeth Gormley

Paulinus Odozor

"Church Teachings and HIV/AIDS in Africa"

Daniel Masterton

David Aune

"Yours is the Kingdom of God: Understanding and Gaining Spiritual Access to the Kingdom of God in the Gospel of Luke"

Annie Scully

Tzvi Novick

"YHWH: the Meaning, Identity, and Paradox of the Divine Name"

Sarah Ruszkowski

Margie Pfeil

"The Call to Relationship between Those with Disabilities and Those without Disabilities within the Catholic Church"





Chris Anthony

Randall Zachman

"Augustine and Calvin on Eucharistic Theology"

Javier Soegaard

Ann Astell

"Christian Males:  Soldiers for Christ and Spiritual Brides"

Justin Bartkus

Larry Cunningham

"A Study of the Spirituality of Thomas Merton"

Santiago Rosado

John Cavadini

"Humor and Humility in the Bible, Church Fathers, Thomas Aquinas, and Their Effect on Liturgy"

Dan Dixon

Brian Daley

"Indifference in St Ignatius"





Andrew Chronister

Joseph Wawrykow

"Moved by Grace: St. Thomas Aquinas on the Interaction of the Human Will and the Divine Will"

Amy Kleczynski

Ann Astell

"Abstinent Lovers: the Holy Couple as a Model for the Natural Family Planning Couple"

Marisa Behan

Jerry Baumbach

"The Experience of Community and Fellowship in Six Methodist and Catholic Adult Faith Formation Programs"

Susan Bigelow

Paul Kollman

"Coming with All That We Are: Observing, Defining, and Re-Envisioning Inculturation in Uganda"

Michele Sagala

Jan Poorman

"Invited into the mystery: Sacramental Preparation with Individuals with Mental Disabilities" 





Melissa Barber

Larry Cunningham

"The Idol and the Icon: Reflections of the Works of Jean-Luc Marion"

Conor Kelly

David Clairmont

"'Unable to Arrive at Any Consensus': US Constitutional Law, Theology, and the Person"

Angela Maxey

Randall Zachman

"Preserving the Saints in God-Given Faith"

Gavin McDowell

Gary Anderson

"The Merchant of Penance: Themes of Atonement in the "Pound of Flesh" Plot"

Dominic Pepper

Max Johnson

"Stational Liturgy"

Michael Popejoy

Larry Sullivan

"The Buddha and Religious Founders"





Dana Christensen

Larry Cunningham

"Walking on Water: Responses in Faith to Hurricane Katrina"

Kathleen Fox

Cyril O’Regan

"Incarnate Wonder: the Significance of the Miraculous in the Catholic Tradition"

Lindsay Fitzpatrick

Todd Whitmore

"Let Me Be Your Bethlehem: Dorothy Day and Her Vision of Hospitality: A Model for Community That Welcomes the Unborn"

Bradley Jenkins

Michael Baxter

"The Theology of Peace Building"

Michael Rossmann

Paul Kollman

"The Role of Westerners in the Contemporary East African Catholic Church"

Anne Sutherland

Randall Zachman

"Lutheran-Catholic Relations"

Laura Sonn

Dan Groody

"Latin American Spirituality"

Shannon Wimp

Adrian Reimers

"Sexuality and Salvation: Understanding Atonement"

John Christopher Gregory Sikorski

David Fagerberg and Adrian Reimers "Liturgical Marriage: An Adequate Theological Anthropology"





Chris Bachner-Reimer

Gerald McKenny

"Yoder and Eucharistic Pacifism"

Dan DiMassa

Brad Malkovsky

"Srivaishnavism and Ignatius Loyola"

Patricia Mackin

Gary Anderson

"Leviticus 11: Textual Analysis and Perspectives on Interpretation"

Caitlin Shaughnessy

Adrian Reimers

"Feminism and Theology of the Body"

Rachel Thelen

Margaret Pfeil

"The History of Catholic Social Teaching"

Austin Weaver

Larry Cunningham

"Pope John Paul II's Theology of the Holy Spirit and Other Religions"

Zac Madonia

Brian Daley

"Catholic-Orthodox Dialogue: Primacy and the Unity of the Church"





Bridget O'Brien

Randall Zachman

"Faith and Reason"

Kelli Barton

Gabriel Reynolds

"Sufism and Christian Mysticism"

Thomas Deutsch

Jerry Neyrey

"Jewish Messianic Expectations"

Lauren Price

Bradley Malkovsky

"Theology of Other Religions"

Andrew Salzmann

Joseph Wawrykow

"Imago Dei in Medieval Theology"