Thesis Program Details and Deadlines

Proposals from current Juniors are due March 1, 2014.

What you should complete by March 1:
Send the following to Emily Hammock:

(1)  a brief prospectus (2 pages) with a title, identifying your potential topic for a thesis project, describing how you came to be interested in it, what background you might already have in it, and why you wish to research it further.

(2)  the names of 2-3 faculty recommenders in theology who could speak to your qualifications. We’ll contact them.

(3)  a list of relevant courses you have taken and the names of the faculty who taught these courses

(4)  the names of 2-3 potential thesis advisors in the Theology department with whom you would be interested in working. (Note: you don’t have to secure the professor’s agreement in advance; we will approach the faculty member and ask if they are willing. We will pair you with advisors, taking care that no one faculty member is overburdened, and perhaps finding someone with expertise in the question you didn’t know about.)

Further details and deadlines:

You will be informed of the committee’s decision by March 8 (the Friday before Spring Break) - this will allow you to consider applying for a summer research opportunity and plan your Fall 2013 registration accordingly). 

The final thesis will be approximately 40-55 pages and is due both to your advisor and a second reader by April 15.  The thesis is a serious commitment and involves a lot of work, but when it is done well it can be an extraordinary experience. 


If you have questions about our Thesis Program, contact Director of Undergraduate Studies Gabriel Said Reynolds at 574-631-5138 or