ND Theology in Jerusalem


Undergraduate Classes at Tantur:

The Department of Theology regularly offers one-credit courses during fall and spring break at Tantur, an ecumenical institute for theological scholarship administered by Notre Dame on behalf of the Holy See. 

Through these courses, students as a group have the opportunity to travel through the Holy Land and to reflect theologically on the remarkable experience of following the footsteps of Jesus and meeting the believers of different faiths who share Jerusalem today. 

In past years, a theology professor has taken interested students (who receive an extra one credit for participating) to the Holy Land over fall break, while over spring break the Department of Theology, along with Campus Ministry, has sponsored a pilgrimage to the Holy Land open to all students which, as part of the Know Your Catholic Faith series, offers students one credit. View the Spring 2013 Syllabus and Trip Itinerary here.

Notre Dame Theology: Israel Pilgrimage from NDCannes2012 on Vimeo.

"My time travelling and studying between Galilee and Jerusalem in a community of believing friends has led me to a much richer understanding of the Gospels, and a much deeper relationship with Jesus Christ."—Fr. Lou DelFra, C.S.C., ND Campus Ministry

"The Holy Land is a place that everyone should go to at some point in life. It has forever changed me personally in how I read Scripture. By traveling with the group in an academic setting, my learning was dramatically enhanced because my fellow classmates had such great insights and observations that were shared and we were able to learn from each other in this very important setting."—Joe Garcia, Former Student—H.S. Religion Teacher

For more information, contact Allison Collins at 574-631-5732 or allisoncollins131@nd.edu.