Yury Avvakumov

Yury Avvakumov

Assistant Professor
Assistant Professor of Theology
History of Christianity


M.A. in Classics, Leningrad State University (1981); Ph.D. equivalent in Orthodox Theology, Russian Orthodox Theological Seminary and Academy in St. Petersburg (1990); Dr. theol. in Catholic Theology, Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich (2001).

Recent Publications

“Anselm of Havelberg as ‘Ecumenist’: Fiction and History. Notes on the Anticimenon within Its Intellectual Context,” Mediaeval Studies, Toronto



Yury Avvakumov’s main area of research lies in medieval ecclesiology and sacramental theology, especially within the context of the Latin-Byzantine relations in the Middle Ages. He also specializes in the history of Russian and Ukrainian theology and in the history of the Eastern Catholic Churches, from their medieval beginnings to the present day.

He authored a monograph on the controversies between Latins and Byzantines on the sacraments and their implications for medieval ecclesiology: “The Origins of the Idea of Church Union. The Latin Theology of the High Middle Ages Confronting the Rite of the Eastern Church” (DieEntstehung des Unionsgedankens. Die lateinische Theologie des Hochmittelalters in der Auseinandersetzung mit dem Ritus der Ostkirche. Berlin 2002). He also contributed chapters to a number of collective works, in particular: “Medieval Thought. Ideas, Debates and Personalities in the Context” (Mittelalterliches Denken. Debatten, Ideen und Gestalten im Kontext. Darmstadt 2007); “From the Schism to the Crusades, 1054-1204” (Vom Schisma zu den Kreuzzügen, 1054-1204. Paderborn 2005); “The Idea of the Church and Spirituality. Dominican Contributions to the Ecclesiology and to the Church Life in the Middle Ages” (Kirchenbild und Spiritualität. Dominikanische Beiträge zur Ekklesiologie und zum kirchlichen Leben im Mittelalter.  Wien 2007), as well as numerous articles to such scholarly journals as Munchener Theologische Zeitschrift, Ostkirchliche Studien, Una Sancta, Communicantes, Bogoslovskie trudy (“Theological Studies”, Moscow), Bohoslovja (“Theology”, Lviv).

Avvakumov’s main contribution to the history of the Eastern-rite Catholics in Russia and Ukraine is his edition of the documents from the recently opened archives in Lviv, Ukraine: “Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytskyi and the Greco-Catholics in Russia, 1899-1917” (Vol. 1. Lviv 2004. Vol. 2 in progress).

He is currently working on a project on the ecclesiology of the 12th century, with special reference to the canonistic texts of the period.

Before coming to Notre Dame in 2010, Prof. Avvakumov held numerous academic, administrative, and pastoral positions in Russia, Germany and the Ukraine. He is currently a member of the Board of Theological Experts at the Patriarchal Curia of the Ukrainian Greco-Catholic Church in Kyiv, Ukraine. 


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