Bradley J. Malkovsky

Bradley J. Malkovsky

Associate Professor
Associate Professor of Comparative Theology
Systematic Theology
World Religions and World Church


M.A., 1983 and Ph.D., 1994, Universität Tübingen

Research and Teaching Interests

Malkovsky's area of interest is the doctrinal and spiritual relation of Christianity to other religions.  His area of specialization is the Hindu-Christian encounter.  He is the editor of New Perspectives on Advaita Vedanta (Brill, 2000); and the author of The Role of Divine Grace in the Soteriology of Samkaracarya (Brill, 2001).  Since 2001 he has been editor of the Journal of Hindu-Christian Studies. His book, God's Other Children: Personal Encounters with Love, Holiness and Faith in Sacred India, which describes his interaction with Muslims, Hindus and Buddhists, won the Huston Smith Prize and will appear in May 2013. He is presently working on a new book on religious interaction, called Under the Banyan Tree: An Inter-religious Approach to Christian Doctrine and Spirituality.


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