New Templeton Funded Graduate Scholarships

1. John Templeton Foundation Graduate Scholars Program - no longer available.

2. Templeton Religion Trust Graduate Scholars Program

Program Background:

Celia Deane-Drummond (Theology), Darcia Narvaez (Psychology), and Tom Stapleford (Program of Liberal Studies), with collaboration from Agustín Fuentes (Anthropology) and Margot Fassler (Theology and Music), have been awarded a $3.1 million grant from the Templeton Religion Trust to form Developing Virtues in the Practice of Science, the first multidisciplinary investigation into the dispositions cultivated by scientific practice. This project will focus on identifying virtues among laboratory scientists, that is, cognitive, behavioral, and emotional dispositions which act in ways that advance the good of both the individual and a given community.

Graduate Scholars Program:

This Templeton Religion Trust funded initiative, on the development of virtues in the practices of science, invites graduate student applicants in any area of concentration in theology the opportunity to be affiliated with a multidisciplinary research project. Candidates may opt for either the history and philosophy of science (HPS) theology track or the theology graduate program. One scholarship is offered in each track. Candidates wishing to be considered for the HPS scholarship must also submit an application (nearly identical, except for cover letter) to the HPS program. If you are applying to both these programs please contact Edward Jurkowitz regarding avoiding double payment (

Graduate students will receive a stipend of $25,000/annum for the first three years of study, followed by a stipend at the standard rate of $19,000/annum for the final two years, with candidates eligible to apply for additional top off funding through the Center for Theology, Science and Human Flourishing, subject to satisfactory progress.


Potential applicants for the TRT graduate scholarships should apply to the theology department at the University of Notre Dame by the specified deadline under any one of the existing areas of concentration for entry, but state clearly at the top of their letter of intent that they wish to be considered for one of these scholarships. Candidates who wish to be considered for regular theology scholarships funded by the University of Notre Dame should submit two different letters of intent.

In their cover letters, candidates should address their area of concentration in theology but also describe their interest and qualifications for the relevant TRT scholarship program (either the HPS theology track or the regular theology graduate program). Since the HPS theology track differs in significant ways from the regular theology program, applicants for that scholarship should be sure to explain why they believe the history and philosophy of science could complement their theological training.

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