Student Profiles

Mary Ann Wilson, Class of 2013

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Where are you from? Birmingham, Alabama
What brought you to the MDiv Program? I have thought for a long time that I wanted to work for the Church; before coming here I discerned working internationally as a lay missioner, I've been active in my home parish, and I worked as a campus minister at a Catholic high school.  My husband, Ben, had a similar background and interest in professional ministry in the Church.  After several years of ministry, we knew that we and the people we both worked with would benefit from us having more training in theology and pastoral strategies, so we both started the program after our first year of marriage.
What has been your favorite part of being in the MDiv? It is difficult to choose one favorite part -- I have loved taking classes with excellent professors, being in community with my lay classmates and the seminarians, and taking on different field placements.  Because we study, work, and pray together though, I think my favorite and the most rewarding part has been intentional community with my classmates.
What were your favorite classes? My favorite classes were Systematic Theology with Professor Mary Catherine Hilkert, a Religion and Literature Class on Human Identity, Vulnerability and Suffering with Professor Vittorio Montemaggi, Catholic Social Teaching with Professor Margie Pfeil, I have had a few great directed readings on the Eucharist and the Catholic Worker Movement as well.
Where have you participated in field education? My first year I was a chaplain at Memorial Hospital, the summer after my first year I was a hospice chaplain, my second year I did adult faith formation at the South Bend cathedral parish, and for my third year I'll be doing volunteer formation at the South Bend Catholic Worker community.
What do you have in mind for after you graduate? I am interested in working in adult faith formation in some capacity -- perhaps at a parish -- and in catechesis related to Catholic Social Teaching.
What is your favorite spot at Notre Dame? The statue of Jesus on God Quad that reads "Venite Ad Me Omnes."



Adam Booth, C.S.C., Class of 2013

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Where are you from? Welwyn, UK
What brought you to the MDiv Program? When I started discerning priesthood and religious life, I knew I was looking for an international community with a focus on education.  I soon found out that there are a lot of these, but it was the Congregation of Holy Cross that felt like the band of men I was being called to live, work and pray with.  Holy Cross has all its seminarians in the US go through the MDiv at Notre Dame as part of our initial formation.  It gives us the privilege of learning from stellar faculty in a collaborative lay-seminarian program, at the largest site of Holy Cross ministry in the country.
What has been your favorite part of being in the MDiv? I love how 'tied-together' my life feels -- academic concerns, ministerial activity and my spiritual life are not boxed off in separate compartments from each other.  While not blurring boundaries, we're helped to integrate these areas.  Having a great cohort of MDiv classmates to process all this with is an important part of how that happens.  The sense of community helps make the program feel truly ministerial, rather than simply professional.
What were your favorite classes? My best class was also the most challenging -- a doctoral seminar on Luke-Acts and Greco-Roman historiography with Prof. Gregory Sterling.  Catholic Social Teaching with Prof Margie Pfeil was one of the most personally transformative.
Where have you participated in field education? My first year, I worked for Ryan's Place, a counselling center for bereaved children, teens and adults.  My second year, I was at St. Joe parish, doing marriage prep and getting more general experience in parish life.  For my third year, I will be moving in to Old College, Holy Cross's undergraduate seminary on campus at Notre Dame, and serving as assistant director there.
What do you have in mind for after you graduate? As a vowed religious, that's a process of community discernment rather than my decision.  I would hope to serve first as a deacon and then as a priest in one of our parishes before going back to school for doctoral studies in New Testament and then teaching at one of the four universities my Province has responsibility for in the US.
What is your favorite spot at Notre Dame? My favorite spot on campus isn't the prettiest, but it's one of the places I feel most relaxed: Rockne swimming pool.  I do some of my best homily prep in that pool!