Placement Record


100% Placement Rate

All MDiv students receive comprehensive professional development and placement assistance.

Our program is able to place all its graduates not only because they are exceptionally well prepared for ministry, but also because faculty and ministry professionals work for and with them to find positions to which they are well suited.

Meet some of our alumni who represent the range of job opportunities that our graduates discover:

"The N.D. Master of Divinity program has truly been a blessing. The program helped to nurture what I can simply describe as a deep seeded sense of “happiness” that has grounded me in my present ministerial work. I humbly admit that I struggled and was deeply challenged in my theological course work at Notre Dame, but also know now how much this prepared me for the professional challenges of my present social justice ministry. I continue to draw upon so much of the course work and resources in ways and places I least expected including scripture, pastoral counseling, preaching, Christology, Catholic Social Teaching, and systematic theology classes to name only a few. Even more so, my ministry field placements and summer immersion trips while in the Masters of Divinity program challenged me to discover my ministerial gifts, to grow in my faith, and step beyond my comfort zone. And now I find myself in my own ministry challenging others to do the help the homeless, to serve the poor, to intentionally cross boundaries, to visit the prisoner, to befriend the stranger, and to reach out beyond ourselves to those in need in our midst. Clearly my MDiv experience is only one part of my on-going faith journey, but an important part that helps me to continue to see life with new eyes... to try to more authentically live life and my personal relationship with God and others in a more genuine and faith filled way.”
-Marty D. Roers ’08

“I finished the MDiv program in 1998 and after a summer job search, moved to Chicago to accept a position with the Cathedral here -- Holy Name. I am a certified Pastoral Associate for the Archdiocese, and about 80% of my own work is with young adults (20s and 30s, single and married) -- who comprise a high percentage of the population in this area. Most of the work has been created by my own or other's initiative -- bible studies, faith forums, speaker series, mom's group, clothing drives, teaming up with local organizations to feed lower income residents, service events, social events with other parishes. Additionally, I am often a speaker at parish or archdiocesan events”
-Kristen (Sadie) Schwarz ’98

“The Master of Divinity program provided me with a strong foundation of theological education, pastoral praxis, spiritual development and ministerial formation. I was given both the support and freedom to explore my identity as a professional minister in a communal and healthy environment. As a lay woman in full-time ministry I regularly utilize the many pastoral and liturgical skills which were at the heart of my MDiv experience. Upon graduation I felt very prepared to pursue leadership roles within the Catholic Church. For that, I am deeply grateful.”
-Angie Appleby Purcell ’97 (pictured above)

“I have yet to hear of a ministry formation and training program to equal Notre Dame's Master of Divinity program. As a lay minister, the liturgical celebration and preaching courses prepared me to serve diverse needs in parish life and campus ministry. I was given a solid background in Catholic liturgical traditions and practice, and was guided to grow in spiritual understanding, practical skills and personal confidence. The Spirit is truly alive and at work among the faculty and students. My class of lay and ordination-track students developed a wonderful sense of community and nearly a decade after graduation, these friendships continue to sustain us in our ministries. The blessings of the MDiv program continue to unfold in each day of my ministry."
Kate Fagen Taylor ’96, diocesan campus minister and parish pastoral minister, Victoria, British Columbia